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What is Unsung World?

The world is dying. Of this we can have no doubt. 

But, as in every age of death, there are those who resist the coming of the night.

Those who take up the sword and the pen, who write and sing and fight to delay the inevitable. 

You are one of them.

Unsung World is about finding hope in a world seemingly devoid of it, surviving and rebuilding in an age of despair, and ultimately pushing away the darkness using art, creativity, and determination.

You are wanderers in a world where everyone seems poised to succumb to their worst selves. Your past is a gift as well as a burden. Armed with a practical Trade and an idealistic Art, beat back the darkness wherever you go. Play as warrior poets, rogue philosophers, and hunter artisans, those gifted with the determination necessary to be something more. Be warned, however: the darkness won't give up easily.

What is the Prototype Quickstart?

This quickstart contains:

  • 12 A4 pages + 1 cover page
  • Character creation rules
  • Art by Hodag
  • Gameplay rules (basic resolution, combat, rest, advancement)
  • World player (GM) guidelines
  • A quick and dirty sample adventure (The Maw of the Saltern Wyrm) complete with map, sample NPCs, and encounters

Why should you support this now?

Supporting this project now allows me to:

  • Finish the game
  • Recoup art costs
  • Pay for more, coloured art

By buying this project now, you will gain access to all future updates. Your support is highly appreciated.

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Buy Now£10.00 GBP or more

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