This is a solo game about a road trip in a devastated country where your fundamental beliefs will be challenged.

You are an agent of the Concord Redevelopment Corporation, tasked with delivering an important package through the desolate wilderness known only as the Unincorporated Western Territories. Once, life sprung out through the wild reeds and townships littered the land. Now, years of war, resource deprivation, and the relentless baking heat of the sun have reduced it to so many inches on a map, to be endlessly litigated and fought over, for no benefit.

Your mission is simple - deliver the package from Ordenburg to Port Libre on the western coast. What is it? Doesn't matter. You'll be paid enough in Coalition scrip to live on for another few months, and that's all that counts. You have three days, good luck.

CategoryPhysical game
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