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Being of that rare breed of traveller both well-travelled and old, I have in my experience the good fortune of encountering many of those our modern sensibilities would deem “rogues”, “treasure-seekers”, or “adventurers”.  Of course, in their parlance they seldom refer to themselves as cutthroats or grave-robbers, preferring the titles of journeyman, wanderer, or for the more chivalrously-minded knight-errant and occasionally pilgrim. Since the text owes its existence to the kind contributions of these individuals, their preferred titles will be how I refer to them within the text.

But enough about nomenclature. In my journeys with these strange and often eclectic individuals I have discovered many a common folk practice or superstition, which on some occasions I have seen fit to record for both the edification of the curious and for their supposed benevolent properties. Within this book then I have composed the fruits of some threescore and five years of wanderlust, now presented for your purview and consideration. It is my hope that, through these texts, you may gain a small window into the lives of those so often placed without the purview of society, and thereby a measure of sympathy for their oft-neglected fates. I have the honour to be

Your obedient servant,

T. A. Goether

Theon Arwind Goether

What is this?

The Journeyman's Companion is a collection of system-agnostic myths, superstitions, and stories, presented in an in-world format as a diegetic artefact. It can be used seamlessly or with minor conversions with any game that features magic, spirits, dungeons and such. It can serve as a worldbuilding seed, as a primer for thought, or even as a handout for your players.

The Journeyman's Companion contains:

  • 20 A5 pages (incl. table of contents)
  • Superstitions and myths about travel, water, cities, the underworld, sailing, fighting, and magic
  • Notes in the margins offering context and further information
  • Awesome art released for free by Jason Glover
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Hello can I hack your repunk post on fkr discord ?

This is really cool! I love how unique and memorable each snippet of lore is. I can easily use this companion for an adventure filled with travel, or as additional flavor for an NPC, a settlement or even entire land the heroes may encounter.

Even if each superstition is a few sentences at most, they're imaginative enough that you can almost glimpse a fully-realized world behind it. Perhaps my favorite are the beasts said to prowl beneath the earth...I'd be horrified to encounter the Beast Of Many Mouths in the dark.

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Thank you so much for your thoughts! The little "bestiary" was indeed very fun... Perhaps I should make a little expanded booklet...

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Hey, should be fixed now!