Hey everyone, DUNGEON SOUL is now Pay What You Want. To be quite frank, I never expected it to get as much support as it did, and in lieu of thanks to the community I can only offer to lower the barrier of access for people in need.

I realise that, in making this free, I might devalue the work of others, but at the same time this cost me roughly 0 dollars to make (excepting time of course), and was just something I wanted to do for fun for the jam. If you have the money to spend and need a place to spend it, might I suggest any one of the numerous creators that also deserve your support. Off the top of my head:

And many more. Might I also suggest donating these 4 dollars to worthy charities in your local area, which will go a lot longer than just spending it on an itch game. Alright, that's enough from me.  I hope you all enjoy delving!


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