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This is unreal. So cool!

Hey, thanks! It's really interesting how this is the project that seems to have struck a chord with people.


This is one of the most well developed takes on 24XX that I’ve come across (and I took place in the game jam haha). The subtle changes to the base system seem right in line with the aesthetic you were aiming for. Well done!


Thank you! Always nice to see a fellow jam participant!

A subtle and well considered combination of 24XX and OS D&D concepts to create a rich and varied character creation and advancement. My favourite 24XX hack so far, and actually far more than that, it feels like a system that could withstand decent length campaigns. Really looking forward to running sessions with my group. 

Thank you so much!

Excellent combination of the 24XX system with a more D&D-esque style of play. It keeps the core of the system simple but expands some areas to give players and GMs more guidance in running D&D-style sessions. I particularly appreciate the nuanced way some of the rules have been subtly tweaked to fit better with the additions Dungeon Soul brings, rather than simply sticking the new parts onto the 24XX rules and calling it good

Thank you!