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In 1980 Khadath Games, a studio founded 2 years earlier, published their first role playing game, a small title known as Dream Quest. Notable for its limited mechanics, heavy focus on abstract theme, and seemingly ritual components, it was set upon by concerned parent groups and largely snubbed by critics. Shortly afterwards, Khadath Games folded and has since largely vanished into the dusty annals of history.

Today, we have uncovered Dream Quest, and present it to you in a digitised and playable form. The rules and mechanics remain unchanged, but we have cleaned up the presentation, remade the Sleeper Record, and are ready to incorporate more changes as you, the community, rediscover this lost classic. We hope you have as much fun playing it as we did when we were children.

- The Editors

What is Dream Quest?

Dream Quest is a re-publication of an RPG that never existed, from an 80s that never was. Uncover the mystery of this "lost classic", meant to simulate a shared lucid dream into a strange landscape dominated by the abstract, yet with terror bubbling beneath the surface. Your support will allow me to produce more documents surrounding the past (and future) of this game, uncovering its occult origins, sinister secrets, uncensored editions, and even the handwritten notes of the original creators of the current rendition.

Disclaimer: Dream Quest is not a real game from the 80s. Khadath Games is not a real company, and William Carter and J.C. are fictional personae. Any resemblance to persons alive or dead or historical events are purely coincidental. Dream Quest is copyright 2021 Nakade. All rights reserved.

What do I get?

For 5 dollars, you will receive the full current edition of Dream Quest, and all future updates to the rules and itchfunding expansions.

Itchfunding Expansions

  • If this project reaches 20 dollars, I will release the "80s edition" of Dream Quest, showing the game in all of its retro glory (you can seee the retro cover as a preview). The text and art remains the same. RELEASED 
  • If this project reaches 50 dollars, I will release the "playtest edition", containing extra content surrounding the dark forces that threaten the Trance, your shared dream-world. PENDING -> Playtest notes released
  • If this project reaches 100 dollars, I will release "handwritten notes" from the original creators, detailing various dream-world domains. PENDING -> Dream domain map and NPC controller released
  • If this project reaches 300 dollars, I will create 4 pages from the "occult text" Dream Quest is derived from.

If these goals are reached, please give me time to make them. They will likely be delivered over the next few weeks/months.

Credits & Influences

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In Dream Quest, you play as sleepers protecting our earth against horrors from beyond in your collective lucid dreams. Rules-lite and beautifully laid out, this game is played with at least 1 candle, and optionally with tarot cards.


This game is absolutely dreamy! I love the visual design and the writing in equal measure - it's evocative and gives off the most wonderful "forbidden text" vibes. 


Thank you so much! The visual design was actually the first thing I established (I made the character sheet as a design exercise), then I backported the visual design to the text proper when I realised what type of game I wanted to make. :D