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Amberthrax of the Foggy Vale is dead. Six (and a half) years of adventuring. Countless encounters run, dungeons delved, worlds (worlds!) saved. And now he lies, smouldering in the cratered ruins of what was once Mount Karakress.

And it's all Oscar's fault. First he steals your owl's name, then he takes the cursed item because "it must be legendary loot", then he runs away in the final encounter (who even does that?)

But it's too late now. Because you pissed the gods off stopping the sacrifice of the Evening Princess the chances of you being returned from the Eventide are less than likely, and your body would be slightly hard to recover from beneath the foot of the Earthshaker anyways. If the Mirage had gone off, the team could have taken the Idol of Thirty Swords and run off, but now it's looking more and more like a TPK by the second. Nobody's even touched the Doritos for the last 10 mass combat turns.

As for you? It's time to let Amberthrax go.

A tribute to 100 Names For an Albino Owl by Pelle Nocturne Games. Face generated using Alex Schroeder's Face Generator.

Instructions: Click on the details to let Amberthrax die.

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GenreRole Playing
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